The friends Moira and Saye

Joy and the Warrior

The invitation said “party.” It was a love happening. The night before Moira’s chemotherapy began, my friend Saye surprised her best friend with a joyful party. She wanted Moira to feel loved and supported as she began a heartless journey with stage 4 breast cancer.

Friends chauffeured Moira down Saye’s wooded driveway and greeted her with bright cheers and noise makers. When we all settled, we found warm cider and a slow fire circled by wooden chairs. Inside, we discovered an open, tall kitchen filled with easy people, real food and colorful folk art. Everyone looked so happy to be there with Moira and fully engaged in the gathering. I didn’t hear a single sad word.

Moira is pure joy. I see a radiant smile and feel her goodness whenever I am near her. Saye is dauntless enthusiasm, a red-headed warrior. Saying no to Saye is a complete waste of your time. This party said charge on, never say never.

Saye and Moira together are spectacular. Between the two of them, it is not about winning or losing this fight. It is about a friendship that transcends everything with their combined humanity and fierce goodness. It’s what the power of love does and means.

An update: Moira recovered. I think Saye had a hand.