An Almost Unimaginable Love

She was the one waving wildly from the audience with a crazy, toothy smile. My mother. The only thing that could make her happier than seeing me perform was a credit card with no limit or my admission to Harvard.

My mother thought everything I did was amazing. She lit up when she saw me in a play or recital. I can promise you I didn’t appreciate it one bit. I found her incredibly embarrassing. Nevertheless, I was imprinted and I continue the tradition with my children Matt and Emma. I smile from the audience like I’ve been electrocuted. I apply heavy coats of praise on everything they do. It’s sandpaper to their patience, yet they endure quietly just like I did.

We love our children in ways that are almost unimaginable. And I believe that all the wayward expressions don’t matter that much. The essence of what we are doing seeps in. The love that skips and trips and rushes from our souls inoculates our children and keeps them whole.