My dad at age 7

Just To Reach You

The fifties are a season of loss. Energy and memory ebb. Your body slips into second gear.  Most devastating is the loss of family and friends to age and illness. Sometimes it’s just too much. This is one of those times. Last week I called my dad and could barely hear him. His voice was
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Lilies of the Valley

Mindful Symbols

I am a big believer in the power of symbolism be it a phrase, an icon, or a flower. Mindful symbols root us and feed our souls. When my daughter Emma was an infant, we put wallpaper in her bedroom. Lilies of the valley on a cream background with pink accents. For the poet William
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What Do We Tell Our Children Today?

My family’s feelings range from disheartened to sickened today. My son Matt, my husband Mark and I are having dinner at home tonight to talk about how and why Donald Trump became our president. Emma will Skype from school. We will make ourselves feel better by talking about a Donald Trump presidency being temporary and how
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