Aunt Maureen with her children Tommy and Suzanne

The Wise Man

My Aunt Maureen died last month. After the eulogy, there wasn’t much said. Some of us got hives, some got bone tired, some put their sadness in a box, storing it for another time. We crawled back to her home and our safe routines, telling jokes, crazy-but-true family stories, and cleaning. We are really good
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Losing Your One Track Mind

I’ve always been single-minded, putting all my energy behind one goal. It’s a strategy that helped me get into my favorite college and my first job in advertising. “No” was a throw away word if I really wanted something, a signal to start working on wearing someone down. I used to be relentless too, especially
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Rita’s Diversity Lessons

Mostly, my mom taught me to appreciate diversity through her actions. Never one to entertain mediocrity, she enrolled me at the United Nations Preschool. I remember sitting in a semi-circle with four-year-olds dressed in strange outfits, and it wasn’t Halloween. My Christmas gift when I was 5 was a huge loom handmade by Navaho Indians.
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