Little Matt and Emma sitting in the front yard with their symbols of love - our dogs Clouseau and Sammy

What Loves Looks Like

Love looks like so many things. The little symbols are the most endearing, like the weedy bloom my son Matt picked from a neighbor’s lawn and brought to her door when he was four. It also looks like the long floral dress Matt bought me at a neighborhood yard sale when he was eight. That
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Our Foster Puppy Maggie Resting on Our Bed

Rocking With Maggie

This morning our foster puppy Maggie was a toasty little bean bag stretched across my lap. We sat in an upholstered rocker by a window, rocking and looking at a tall magnolia and the milky sky. When she started to drift into sleep she tucked her head in the crook of my arm and I
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Joy and the Warrior

The invitation said “party.” It was a love happening. The night before her chemotherapy began, my friend Saye surprised her best friend Moira with a wonderful party. She wanted Moira to feel loved and supported as she began a heartless journey. Moira was chauffeured down Saye’s wooded driveway and greeted with bright cheers and noise
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