All I Want for Christmas Is Peace (Of Mind)

I love the idea of Christmas, twinkling trees, the promise of Santa, lots of cookies. Truth is it’s all too much! Christmas is a treacherous business. To give you an example, I called my psychiatrist this morning. The answering machine offered two options for immediate action on his part. The first was extreme mental anguish and the second was having trouble with the holidays.

Finding all the right gifts, getting them wrapped and under the tree on time is so anxiety provoking. And the family Christmas card? I suspect some people start shooting family photos in the summer just in case that get-dressed-up and be cooperative plan doesn’t work out in November. Thinking about getting everyone to sign the cards and then address them and get them in the mail on time makes me queasy. Why can’t we just make a few cookies, decorate the tree, and share a gift or two?

Peace of mind is the best gift I can think of during this holiday season. I am looking forward to simple family dinners, watching movies together, and all going on a low-key outing. We are at our best as a family in these circumstances. Writing this I realize how fortunate I am to have these simple moments with my family. My holiday wish for you is a quiet moment where you can reflect on everything you do that is good. I suspect you’ll have a long list. xo, Maureen.