pine tree at sunrise

The Key Ingredient Is Inspiration

We all need inspiration and a plan, even the wisest among us. We want someone to tell us who we can be and what we should do. Growing up much of my inspiration came from books. I trusted authors to tell me the truth about living, and I took their advice.

These days my inspiration lives in our backyard. The sun’s light, the designs of the sky, pine trees, and the sounds of the birds. There is majesty in the sun’s rise through the pine curtains. At first, it feels it like a kiss and then an embrace as it coats you with warmth. It seeps through your pores and travels life blood inside your mind where it where it whispers, “Cease.”

The clouds always have a story to tell. I listen to the wild songs of birds and the hum of the first cars on the road. They sound like the ocean. These sights and sounds frame the day in reassuring patterns that ground and comfort you.  Each one is the same and different, a mix of what you know and love and something new that’s illuminated by a singular mix of ingredients in the air that one day.

Sometimes fear comes for coffee and steals the sun, the sky and the bird’s songs, but there’s always the afternoon. Before the sun goes to sleep, it turns my favorite pine tree golden. It’s better than a Christmas tree with lights. Like a miracle, the pine bark shimmer for yards.