bud vase with daisies in morning light

From the Morning Light

Home alone this morning, I was all excited about making a banana pancake and pouring real maple syrup from my tiny ceramic pitcher. I sat down at the kitchen counter with the newspaper and my pancake. I took the first bite with my head bent toward the front page. And then I noticed the morning light edging across the counter. I felt anointed.

Few things soothe like the morning light. It is buttery and soft, spiritual and cleansing. It is peace. While taking photographs for my business, I began paying attention to the sun’s rays, how quickly they moved across our dining table. And then there were those moments when I was stunned. Consumed in daily details, I would forget to look at the counter. The moment at 9:30 when the sun turned it into a church, a place with the power to heal.

If I made a practice of sitting with the sun, I know my days would be lighter. And yet I rarely do unless it’s part of my job. Bad habits are so easy to pick up, good ones so hard to keep. I wonder if this is going to be the case with writing. I am feeling a little nauseous and dry mouthed. I’ve told people I am closing my home goods business Catherine’s Table, that I am a writer now. My dream job is now my day job. Gotta get some good habits. On Monday or maybe Wednesday. Either way I’ve picked a path. Now I need to look for the sun.