pink portulaca

What A Smart Little Plant

I remember my Aunt Kay telling me how much she enjoys a plant called Portulaca. I wasn’t moved at the time. Last summer I bought one because the horticulturalist at the nursery told me it is “drought tolerant.” I live in Atlanta where the heat sucks the life out of everything in the summer.

This fleshy and colorful succulent is a little miracle. It loves the heat and is not fussy about much of anything. It doesn’t whine for water. Best of all, the blooms go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. What a smart little plant.

While the leaves are thick and sturdy, the blossoms are papery and delicate. Like umbrellas, the petals fold at dusk. This plant knows how to take good care of itself. And it is very thoughtful too. Every morning I get a cheerful greeting when its pink blooms open.

I should have paid attention to Aunt Kay. I could have spent dozens of summers with a gentle object lesson right outside my window. Get plenty of rest, only take what you need, and smile for the new day.