A Good Hair Day

When Your Hair Won’t Do

Mr. Pierre’s Beauty Salon was one of my favorite toys. The centerpiece was a plastic head of a woman topped with thick gold hair. Your were supposed to style her locks, but I chopped them. My first cut left the red-lipped lady ragged. So did the others, but I didn’t care because you could begin
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Praying for Prosperity

My friend Betsy prays for prosperity every day. This morning she asked me if I was trying to prosper through my blog. “Yes,” shot out of my mouth like a reflex. I didn’t want to seem like a dilettante. The truth is, I don’t think about writing and money together. I focus on quiet and
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seamless grey sky

Faith in the Sun

Last week a seamless gray sky poured rain into gutters with the steady pace of a metronome. Cast in black, my favorite trees looked arthritic, with branches bent and crooked. I look to the sky for direction in the morning. Today, I’d have to have faith. I tried to place it in the sky behind
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Losing Your One-Track Mind

I’ve always been single-minded, putting all my energy behind one goal. It’s a strategy that helped me get into my favorite college and my first job in advertising. “No” was a throw away word if I really wanted something, a signal to start working on wearing someone down. I used to be relentless too, especially
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Photo of My Mom The Petty Thief

My Mom Was A Petty Thief

One of the best things I discovered in my 50’s was acceptance for my mom. Growing up she challenged my sensibilities and sanity on a regular basis. She was the most unconventional mom in my circle by light years. Finding acceptance took creative thinking (thank you mom), compassion, and time. Let’s start with this challenge–
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Thanksgiving Dinner With Strangers

A big comfort-food meal, gathering with gratitude in mind, these are the reasons Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I am not going to say it’s not stressful because it is. Thanksgiving dinner is a big mission. You have to make a lot of different food—this one’s favorite this, that one’s favorite that. I can’t help
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