The Rocking Chair

I bought a rocking chair, put it on the outdoor porch, and set it eastward. While my intention was to sit with the sunrise, I find myself rocking throughout the day. Unexpectedly too, I’ve become friends with some daisies. They are clustered near the porch door. I see them crystal-clear from my rocker, leaning in
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The Believer Grandpa Lou

The Believer

It has been a year since my husband Mark’s father died. His sister Barbara and I were there for the last test of life and the final blessing from a hospital priest. A year later, Lou’s gifts of unquestioning optimism and confidence seem more remarkable than ever. All his accomplishments began with a foundation of
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bud vase with daisies in morning light

From the Morning Light

Home alone this morning, I was all excited about making a banana pancake and pouring real maple syrup from my tiny ceramic pitcher. I sat down at the kitchen counter with the newspaper and my pancake. I took the first bite with my head bent toward the front page. And then I noticed the morning
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A Beautiful Name

Maya Angelou is a beautiful, poetic name. Ms. Angelou honored it with her generous spirit and eloquence. She comforted and inspired me many times. I will miss her because she meant love. My daughter Emma Antonia Goldman just graduated from high school. I think Emma and Antonia are the perfect combination. All together, her name
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Living in A Village

I am reminded what living in a village feels like when I visit my Dad and my Uncle Tony. They live in Larchmont, NY. There, I stroll to Aroma, the coffee shop where the owner greets each customer by name. The first time I visited he looked at me with a confused, almost pained expression because he couldn’t place
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Everyone’s Mom

Kay Math is a wonder and a beloved aunt. In addition to parenting her five children, she is a mom to many of her nieces and nephews. She taught me how to sew, iron, shuck corn, slice a tomato and churn butter. By example, she showed me how to be a gracious hostess and a
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