Setbacks and Perseverance

The change of fortunes in last night’s Super bowl was stunning. I was riveted watching the extraordinary success on both sides. The Falcons scored 28 point in the first quarter and the Patriots came back with 25 unanswered points to win in the first tie breaker in Super Bowl history. It was like sitting on a seesaw when the other kid jumps off while you’re in the air. It’s unexpected, you crash, and a shock wave travels through your body.

My husband had a group text going with our children that I joined at half time. I saw fourteen gleeful texts. When things were turning south for the Falcons, the communication slowed down. I thought about how upset Matt and Emma would be, especially Matt. He loves football and followed the Falcons closely all season.

There are so many lessons and insights you can draw from this Super bowl. I was most impressed by Tom Brady’s iron will and perseverance, and I am reminded how these traits defined my children’s school experiences. Matt has dyslexia and math is not his favorite subject, but he powered through and became an engineer. Emma struggled in elementary and middle school after attending a school for children with auditory disorders. She’s a junior in college now, studying neuroscience and chemistry. They both worked like crazy and persevered, and I take it for granted.

I focus on the day-to-day ups and downs of their lives and worry whenever possible. If I thought more about their perseverance and work ethic, hearing about the challenges in their daily lives wouldn’t be as frightening. The Falcon’s loss is devastating, but I am grateful for the reminder of what it takes to win.