The Rocking Chair

I bought a rocking chair, put it on the outdoor porch, and set it eastward. While my intention was to sit with the sunrise, I find myself rocking throughout the day.

Unexpectedly too, I’ve become friends with some daisies. They are clustered near the porch door. I see them crystal-clear from my rocker, leaning in my direction. Three large, brilliant blooms introduced the season. As they faded, a parade of buds moved up from behind. I sit beside them every morning as they grow: first with fierce buds, then sunny blooms, and finally with heads drooping, petals hanging at their sides.

Rocking in my chair, I also hear the bird’s singing each of their songs, and they are loud. Still, I rock in sync with my dogs’ sleepy breathing, as they rest beside me. It’s breakfast for my soul.