True Grace

We had such sad news this week. My son Matthew’s friend died, a young man I knew best as a sweet and shy seventh grader. To put a positive spin on this would be a crime. He was a boy who struggled, and that is all there is to say.

I saw joyful light the next day at a party down the street. There stood my friend with a radiant smile and a confident, relaxed pose. Not too long ago, she was the victim of a random assault and nearly died. I wondered how it was possible to become this person with an easy smile.

But I am not going to ask. Instead, I am going to tell her how it felt to be with her, how comforting it was, knowing that it is possible to recover and be radiant. Thursday is the official day to give thanks, but I will forever be thankful for the moment I saw her and slowly realized that hope is reasonable and that there is true grace to be said every day.

Thursday will be busy, busy with lots of cooking and arranging-food, chairs, people. Most likely, there will be a grand grace with a tribute to family and collective good fortune. I am going to look around the table to find my quiet grace. That’s the plan. I hope you do too.